The Last Of March

We went out for dinner last night and brought home a couple of meals in ‘to go’ boxes.  I wonder how I ever got around a full serving of anything. Tuesday started on the rough side.  I worked on some follow up letters and tried running down a few.  At best I managed about a half day of work.  In my defense the incoming was intense.  Joyce my Nurse came in for her first weekly visit.  I am bumping her back to two times a week until we get a complete handle on my symptoms.  We also entertained Killer and Sharon and they us, friends and always fun.  On top of that a chaplain stopped by.  She ended up staying about two hours as she patiently worked our story out.  She found inspiring many things we take for granted.  I understand in many cases the animal drives a couple apart.  It has driven us together.  Vanessa took on the battle just as if she were me.  I told the chaplain about Inger and the daily devotions, that Vanessa and I agreed to smile whenever we looked at each other, about our Families and our Family. She read my book ‘The Gooses of Madison County’ and we never stopped entertaining her and answering her questions.  After she left we laughed at the role reversal as it seemed we counseled her more than she us.  In this home so full of blessings it can become overwhelming. 
Tuesday night I experienced intense ball bag swelling.  It happened suddenly, painfully swelling to twice the size.  OMG, what now?  I set up arranging pillows for the maximum elevation, doubled up on the pain meds and began therapy around 8 P.  By 3 A my condition had subsided significantly.  I did not accomplish much Wednesday.  Somewhat weakened by Tuesday and the pain killers I think.  Now 5 A Thursday and the day looks promising as I write this.  While uncomfortable I manned the office today and stayed at my work station for a good part of it. 
Friday and it is April Fools Day.  I called Bruce and told him it was the last day of the month.  He believed me.  I now find that even the largest of sweat shirts I have are tight.  My profile is so distorted as to make others uncomfortable looking at it.  I found one hoody to wear while we have company tonight.  And with the night we enjoyed the company of  Mike B with Chris and the Hays family and a culinary delight we all got to share, Mike B’s  ribs.  Wow, it might be a full day before I get over it, they were really good. 

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