Farewell To Palm

I respond and we adapt.  While I do have pain and events and so forth, it is not constant, it is every 1-3 hours.  In between life is normal by our ever changing standard.  Work, play and rest still go on, albeit at a slower pace.    
It is lunch time on Friday.  March 25 is the date.  Last night I retired my Palm Vx personal digital assistant.  Today I will remove the software and pack it up.  My first employer introduced me to keeping a calendar and keeping detailed files on suppliers, clients and qualified prospects.  Customer relationship records as they are called today, we called them data sheets then.  For many years I carried a Franklin Planner.  In fact I was manual well into the PDA era and likely still would be had it not been for winning a prize at the manufacturing show in Chicago, a Palm Vx.  Oh what a momentous day that was.  The box was in my desk chair.  It carried no markings.  Vanessa lurked near by.  I opened the box, about a foot square and dug into the plastic peanuts to find a box inches square and a document.  Oh my God, what have I done.  These dolls were hundreds of dollars at the time.  I did a quick review.  Did I swipe my AMEX card by mistake?  As it turned out I was the winner that day of the top prize. Now about 11 years old it holds two thousand ‘data’ sheets along with many programs and applications make it as relevant now as it was then.  Unfortunately Outlook encountered an error a couple of weeks ago out of the blue and it prevents the Palm from getting all the contact records.  Given my limited time left I decided it was best to retire this tool and use the laptop exclusively from here on. 
We went to the funeral home today, picked up the menu and price list and got questions answered.  It was very business like, kind of like buying a car.  Price sheets and sales agreements, discounts for early pay, the mystique surrounding funeral homes and directors torn away by the economic realties.  Dying is a for profit business.   
This afternoon I worked steady getting to catch up on conversations overdue and follow ups that luckily were there.  A significant dent in the pile.  Chili for dinner and my night was mediocre finally settling in about 3A. 
Saturday I worked on cleaning up the laptop and reducing the size of my regions showing the most swelling.  In other words, mess around with the computer and play with yourself.  I put all that aside in the afternoon with Renee visiting and then J and J and M came over with pizza and beer and we enjoyed a very exciting time as Butler won in a shoot out and goes on to be part of the Final 4. 
Now Sunday and clearly I am not improving in the edema area.  Reflecting in the afternoon how fortunate I am given my condition.  My dear Vanessa is my ever present angel.  Her love and devotion humble me beyond words.  I wish I could spare her my agony when I am in it for I know she pains when I suffer but I cannot.  I am not that strong.  I would never begrudge her from fleeing the premises at any point in time to escape my moaning and groaning.  My Sister brought me a chocolate cake and her husband to visit Gerald and I this afternoon.  It was like the loopy quartet.  Another day of spectacular basket ball filled out the afternoon.  I wore bike shorts all day with the saddle on the inside to soften things up.  Can’t bend at the middle and cannot bend my legs up at this time so I need help with all the basics, including putting my pants on.  I hate the helplessness. 

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