April Realities

April two and the wind blows cold.  The yuk factor of the animal has dominated much of my record of late or seems to have.  This I think causes me to leave out all of the joy I have and all of the blessings heaped upon me because the animal is within.  This is a terrible injustice.  While certainly uncomfortable I continue to be productive and must tell of the good.  On the other hand many folks want every detail of the misery associated with the animal and it would be an injustice I think to not put it in this record. 
I broke out the walkie talkies, cleaned them up, put a 12V charge on them without research (very dumb considering I have a lap top on my lap with the app to find out.  I don’t know what it is, but we are like a couple of 4h graders when it comes to these walkie talkies.  Right now she is folding sheets and I am in the family room and we are reporting back and forth to each other on channel 18.  We bought them  for when I worked in a confined space like the attic, crawl space or up on the roof so they are rarely used and more of a feel good tool anyway.  The wind blows a steady 20 mph now and will rise as the day progresses and we get a rare warm front from the South.  I had a nice visit with John.  Inger came early with devotions, prayer and upper workout.  I am blessed beyond measure. 
I slept April third.  The cumulative impact of pain killers I think, but that is ok.  Both Daughters and Son together in the afternoon for a short period of time made this a good day for me.  I wanted to play a game or something but in reality it is hard to be fun when you pass out sitting up in the middle of a sentence.  Of course I did not need the oxies, a good thing. 
Yuk factor:
Fluid content in my tissue seems to be increasing.  My profile is one of a monster, with huge legs, a package by Samsonite, my abdomen swollen and stretched.  At last weigh in the fluid retention had taken me to 220, a gain of about twenty pounds.  I am beginning to experience restricted range of motion in my legs and seepage is increasing.   I cannot put on socks or shoes and can barely do pants.  The increasing dependency on others for the most basic and personal of functions is a real ball buster for me. 
Tuesday morning the sales rep for a lymphedema pump company showed up to demonstrate her device.  After about 30 minutes we quit and the effect was measurable and very positive.  I love it, another weapon to battle with.  It will not kill the animal but perhaps it will piss it off and give me back some mobility. As the week wore on the weak wore on.  Thursday Rex came to visit for the day.  Fortunately for me we have wireless in the house and office space available, enabling my working family and friends to extend there time here.  In this modern age my Daughters and Brother can roll in for hours or days, laptops on the shoulder and smart phones ready and at hand, virtually connected to their endless work no matter where they are.   Friday with both Sisters and Jack was none the less entertaining and restful, even though it does not sound it.  Friday night came and another treat.  Jocelyn and Jared appeared at dinner time with a baseball theme dinner including but not limited to;
  1. Giant bag of fresh baseball unshelled peanuts
  2. Sangria (again for the squirmy handshakes)
  3. Lots of icy cold beer
  4. Nachos
  5. Hot dogs
  6. Coney dogs (beans, cheese, onions available options)
We even found a baseball game, although the Cubs were apparently blocked out.  So we watched reruns instead and a little baseball.  What fun, and a theme dinner based on TV, genius I think. 
Yuk factor;  I have determined that I cannot say it is better on the ’other side’ .  My faith says it is, but it seems to me it would be difficult to have it better, given the life of blessings bestowed upon me.  I do know I will certainly miss this life on ‘this side’ 

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